About simran meditation

Simran Meditation is a set of explorative exercises that are designed to bring about clarity about reality, our self and non-duality. The clarity that is gained through these explorations will in turn bring about in us a natural and effortless state of meditation and flow.

The exercises are simple, straight forward and require no previous knowledge, belief system or experience. And yet, they are so powerful that one session of Simran Meditation can permanently change the way you experience life.

Navid Zargham

Founder of Simran Meditation


People from all over the world have tried Simran Meditation.
Here is a selection from the 45+ reviews that can be found on the Simran Meditation Facebook Page.

Private Sessions

In a Private Session of Simran Meditation, Navid guides the participant towards a direct experience and recognition of non-duality/oneness/Self. The sessions are intuitively tailored to the understanding of each individual and does not require any previous experiences or knowledge.​

Non Duality

An in depth, intuitive guidance with transmission, meditation and tailored exercises.

The session aims to reveal the true nature of the participant while also deconstructing and releasing limiting and destructive beliefs.

Platform: Zoom / IRL
Cost: 80 €
Duration: 60 min

Somatic Exploration

Exploring and rediscovering our body and mind from our true position.

This kind of exploration have the power to reveal, trigger and heal traumas that are residing in the body and mind.

Platform: Zoom / IRL
Cost: 80 €
Duration: 60 min

Individual Program

A tailored programmed that will work on many levels of each individual. Mindfulness, Meditation, Self Inquiry, Somatic Exploration and a few other exercises will be combined to bring about a deep and lasting paradigm shift in ones perception of life and oneself.

Platform: Zoom / IRL
Cost: 60€ / Session
Duration: 5+

weekly online meetings

Every week, Simran Meditation offers open online session for those who already have had at least one private session. These sessions are held every Tuesday at 7pm Swedish time (UTC+2).​​

Zoom Group sessions

Interactive and intimate Non-duality sessions with exploration of topics that might arise in the process of awakening / non-duality-exploration.

Time: Tuesdays at 7pm (Swedish time) Language: English
Platform: Zoom
Cost: 8€
Duration: 90 min

Insight timer Sessions

Guided meditations and interactive talks and exploration of non-duality.

Time: Mondays and Saturdays at 7pm (Swedish time) Language: English
Platform: Insight Timer (Navid Zargham)
Cost: Donation
Duration: 45-60 min

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