Spring Detox & Ayurveda Retreat

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Welcome to a Simran Meditation retreat featuring a proper spring detox, yoga, pranayama and healthy, tasty ayurvedic food.In the same way that a destructive and negative though will have a toxic effects on your body, – Toxins in you body will create negative and destructive thoughts as behaviours. This spring detox retreat aims to both clean our bodies from toxins and clean out our minds from false beliefs.

We will also use Yoga, Pranayama and healthy ayurvedic food to re-energize the body in a balanced way.But the main goal of this cleansing and balancing is to bring the body into a more receptive state for that which is the ultimate aim of this retreat – to explore and gain clarity about the true infinite nature of reality, and our Self.More information about the particular methods of detox and the guest yoga-teachers will be released soon.

4 Non-duality / meditation sessions
2 Pranayama session
2 Yoga class
30 minute 1on1 session

Gläntan Retreat Center

6 meals of Vegan tasty food, BBQ, fruits and Chai

Standard (8 spots): 260€
Karma (2 spots): 130€
Main Assistant(1 spot): Free

We will respect the official restrictions if there are any at the time.

* Inform about of allergies at the time of booking.

Retreat Gallery